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Laptop Tracking & Data Security
According to Computer Security Institute/ FBI Computer Crime & Security Survey, theft/loss of a Laptop/Notebook is costing $89000 to a company. The total losses due to laptop thefts in year 2005 were $6.7 million.

A Laptop/Notebook is stolen or lost every 12 seconds.

According to a survey done in India 90% of the Laptops are being lost/stolen during the travel.

The Laptop loss is not limited to its cost but it also includes the loss of sensitive and creative information/data in it. This data could be your important documents, presentations, credit card details, financial information or maybe a tender document.

Locate Laptop keeps the continuous track of Laptop locations whenever it is connected to Internet. On event of theft, it informs about the location of stolen laptop once it is connected to the internet. It also encrypts your sensitive data silently without the knowledge of offender, not allowing him to misuse your vital & sensitive data.
  • Provides current location along with IP address and service provider.
  • Customise reporting on Laptop Location as per your choice.
  • Secure web page for every user to monitor the laptop/ persons location.
  • Remotely launch the data encryption once theft is reported.
  • Automatic/ silent data encryption if Laptop is not connected to internet for a specified period.
  • Works in stealth mode.
  • Fastest tracking of Laptop once theft is reported.
  • Tracks the laptops/ Employee locations on regular basis.
  • Protects Sensitive data/ information being used by competitors due to Laptop theft.
  • Online location statistics is available any time from any where through
  • Reporting via email on regular intervals as per your choice.
How it Works?
Install Locate Laptop™ on your computer. It resides and operates in stealth mode.

You may login to your web based Personal Tracking and Monitoring Page to view and trace where your laptop has been accessed from.

In an event of Theft, report to Unistal’s emergency response team or login to your Personal Tracking and Monitoring Page and submit the theft.

This activates Locate Laptop’s WebSniff technology and alerts as soon as the offender connects to the internet. The City and IP address are informed to the user. It keeps tracking all the locations whenever the offender connects to the internet. With the help of local law enforcement authorities you can retrieve your laptop.

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