Question :  What precautions needs to be taken for preventing Laptop theft?
Answer :
# Install LocateLaptop Software.

# Don’t be over-confident about your belongings. Remember Murphy’s law: things will go wrong in any given    situation, if you give them a chance. and “at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way".

# Carrying laptops in expensive, fashionable cases? They're asking for trouble. Those cases say, "Hey I am    Laptop! Come, Steal me!".

# According to a survey 90% laptops are being stolen during tours and on public places. Out of this maximum    number of cases occur at Airports.

               * Always try to keep the laptop with you.
               * Security people most likely will want to check the laptop. Or you might have to part with laptop for                   x-ray screening. Keep a close eye on your Laptop.
               * Going to restroom? Instead of leaving your Laptop on some rack, hang it on your shoulder.

# Do keep regular backup. You may even use your portable digital music player to keep important data backup. Some of these music players provide 20GB or more space. Use them to backup your data.

# Every road warrior should protect their laptop with a startup password.

Question :   How LocateLaptop works?
Answer :

Question :   Will Locate Laptop work on wireless internet connections too?
Answer :

Yes. Locate Laptop can identify the Laptop Location in case of any type of internet including dial-up, cable modem, DSL, T1, Data card and wireless.

Question :   How do I inform Unistal that my laptop is lost or stolen?
Answer :

You need to open Login with your user name & password. Click on “Report Theft” option. Provide relevant information and attach the scanned copy of Police Report. On submission of report, the module will start locating your laptop, and you will get the information related to IP, ISP, City etc on your mail id every half-n-hour.

Question :   What are the limitations?
Answer :

If your lost or stolen laptop is not connected to internet at all, LocateLaptop software can not track it. Moreover if Laptop is formatted, or by some mean LocateLaptop software is uninstalled, we cannot track the Laptop.

Question :   What about my data?
Answer :

LocateLaptop comes with data encryption feature. After installation of LocateLaptop you may define some important folders eg mails, mydocuments etc. As soon as theft report is submitted on, data encryption module will be activated. On first communication of Laptop and LocateLaptop server, all predefined folders will be encrypted without user’s knowledge.

Question :   Is there any way to safeguard my data from unauthorized user?
Answer :

LocateLaptop's data encryption feature is capable enough to handle this.

Question :   Is there any way I can encrypt my data even if lost Laptop is not connected to internet?
Answer :

Good News! Yes, Its possible. LocateLaptop’s Data encryption module has the feature to encrypt data if laptop is not connected to internet for selected days. Eg During configuration of LocateLaptop, you selected “Encrypt my data if laptop is not connected to internet for <2> days. Now if your laptop is lost, and unauthorized person keeps it with him, but don’t switch on the PC or connect to internet for couple of days. After that as soon as person boots the system, predefined folders will be encrypted in background. In meantime if he connects to internet then our WebSniff technology will search the location of laptop and online encryption module will be triggered.

Question :   What if laptop is formatted?
Answer :

If Laptop is formatted, even LocateLaptop Software will be removed. So the records related to IP address will not be updated in our database. Thus software will not be able to track your laptop.

Question :   What if software is uninstalled?
Answer :

The LocateLaptop software installed in your Laptop works as agent and keeps updated our database required to identify the location of laptop. If it is uninstalled, the records related to IP address will not be updated in our database. Thus software will not be able to track your laptop.

Question :   The city and region is not displayed in Laptop statistics?
Answer :

In some cases it may happen, that report does not show the City information. The IP address mentioned in the record, is unique across the World. Once that is identified, it would easy to identify the city and location. Moreover we keep on updating our IP database on regular basis to get maximum accuracy.

Question :   How may time we can installed it on single computer if we change hardware or we format the system?
Answer :

You may install the software using same key number on same Laptop unlimited time. If you change the Laptop, you will have to purchase new license.

Question :   Can I use it for my desktop also?
Answer :

You may use this software for desktop PCs too.

Question :   How much space it will take on my hard disk?
Answer :

LocateLaptop takes less than 4 MB space on HDD.

Question :   Where can I have LocateLaptop product presentation?
Answer :
Download from here .

Question :   Where can I have more information on LocateLaptop?
Answer :
You can download LocateLaptop whitepapers from here to get detailed information about LocateLaptop.

Question :   What will be the effect on system speed after installation?
Answer :
There is almost no effect on system speed, as its small byte information related to IP address, being sent through internet periodically.

Question :   What will be renewal charges for this software?
Answer :
After software is expired, user will get 30% discount on standard price for renewal.

Question :   System requirement?
Answer :
1. Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 .
2. Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (32/64 bit).
3. Windows Vista (32/64 bit).

Question :   How would I start using this software ?
Answer :
Locate Laptop Installation Steps :

Step 1. 
Insert Your CD-ROM and follow the instructions. If the program does not autorun then click on setup.exe from the CD.

Step 2.
Click Install when instructed.

Step 3. 
Once installation is completed, enter the key number, provided to you with media.

Step 4. 
Next you will be prompted to enter personal and laptop details. This is must to register Locate Laptop software on

Step 5
. Please enter the password to prevents unauthorized uninstallation.

Step 6.
  Once your registration is completed, the software will be activated. Locate laptop unique WebsniffTM Technology start monitoring your laptop location.

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